Over 25 years experience with an impressive roster of healthcare clients

    Pharmaceutical Companies

  • ICI/Zeneca Pharmaceuticals (Including when they Created Breast Awareness Cancer Month)
  • Burrows Welcome Pharmaceuticals
  • Merck and Company Pharmaceuticals
  • Purdue Frederick Pharmaceuticals
  • Medic Alert Foundation International
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • Many other non-profit healthcare organizations such as American Narcolepsy Association
  • Numerous Professional and Association Relations Campaigns
    Hospitals and Nursing Home/Senior Centers

  • Bronx Lebanon Hospital
  • Dover General Hospital and Cancer Treatment Center
  • The Regent Hospital and Outpatient Center
  • Beth Israel Hospital
  • North Shore LIJ
  • Presbyterian Hospital Physician Outreach
  • Southampton Town Senior Centers
  • Nursing Homes in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, New York, Long Island, Philadelphia Group
    Various Physician Groups, Practices and Facilities

  • From New Mexico-New York
  • New Mexico Medical Society
  • New Mexico County Medical Societies
  • New York City Medical Society
  • Physician and Healthcare Providers (Almost every discipline)
  • Large Group Medical Practices for Specific Disciplines
  • Editor and editorial for several medical journals

Working with Healthcare clients for over 25 years...
our practice makes working with clients perfect!

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